Monthly Archives: January 2014

CoverWhenever I give an overview presentation of Dynamics AX to new customers or prospects, I always start off with a general foundation review – sometimes called a “Cooking Demo” paying respect to Julia Childs who always had everything prepared beforehand.  Usually this is also accompanied by a PowerPoint with all of the scenarios laid out in it for reference.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take this to the next level, and rather than hand out PowerPoint decks, format the cooking demo into a book, and give it to people during the demonstration as a reference that they will put on their bookshelf rather than loose within the other pile of PowerPoints that they receive… and also I worked out that this is less expensive (even though the quality is better) than printing out the PowerPoints.

I also decided to make it available to everyone as a quick reference on what you can do with Dynamics AX and posted it to Amazon at the lowest possible price that Amazon would allow after they take their cut on the royalties and also print the book.

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