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A Tinkerers Notebook

I have created a few reference books that are available on Amazon that combine all of the information I post about into an easy to reference and lightweight format.  When working through some of the more lengthy configurations these are a much better resource than the blog posts.  Also, as I compiled these I was able to add additional notes and sections that you were not in the original posts, so you may find even more useful information in them.

You can view my Author page on Amazon here: also, you here are links to all of my books by series.

Dynamics AX Tips & Tricks Series 

The Tips & Tricks series is a compilation of all the cool things that I have found that you can do within Dynamics AX, and are also the basis for my Tips & Tricks presentations that I have been giving for…

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A Tinkerers Notebook

At Convergence this year I rolled out a book with 50 Tips & Tricks for Dynamics AX that seemed to go down really well with everyone – hopefully not just because I was giving away copies for free 😉

This week, I hit milestone, and realized that I had enough content for a second volume of trips and tricks and have compiled them into a new book. Just like the other book, this one contains 50 more tips and tricks for dynamics AX ranging from UI tips, to functional tricks that you all may find interesting. Additionally, there is a new section in this book dedicated to Workflow, and how you can tweak workflows to get the most out of Dynamics AX.

If your are interested in taking a look, then you can see it on the CreateSpace here: and it should also be available on Amazon within 5…

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