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A Tinkerers Notebook

The Dynamics AX Companions ( website has now been up and live for two weeks, and there is a little bit of extra premium content that has been posted there that you all might be interested in viewing. Here is a quick overview of the 23 new chapters that are now available:

Topics Added

  • Using Azure And Lifecycle Services To Host Your Dynamics AX Test System
  • Creating A New Partition
  • Configuring The System For The First Time

More Information: Configuring A Basic Dynamics AX 2012 Test System

Topics Added

  • Configuring Your Organization
  • Configuring Your Legal Entity

More Information: Configuring An Organization Within Dynamics AX 2012

Topics Added

  • Configuring Lean Manufacturing

More Information: Configuring Production Control Within Dynamics AX 2012

Topics Added

  • Configuring Sales Management
  • Configuring Activity Management
  • Configuring Case Management
  • Configuring Contact Management
  • Configuring Prospect Management
  • Configuring Opportunity Management
  • Configuring Lead Management
  • Configuring Campaign Management
  • Configuring Telemarketing
  • Configuring…

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A Tinkerers Notebook


I have received a number of requests (especially from outside of the US) for downloadable versions of the Dynamics AX Companion books other than through Amazon, and through the Dynamics AX Companions ( website I now have a way to do that.  This week I published the complete set of chapters for the Configuring Production Control Within Dynamics AX 2012 there for you all to access if you are a Premium Subscriber.  Although they do not have the same touch and feel as the real book (which you can still get through Amazon) they are easy to access and I even used two of the chapters yesterday as I was setting up some data so I’m a user of them as well.

I will be posting all of the other books this way as well over the next couple of months as well so watch out for more…

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