Creating a Product Configuration Model

Once you have a product to configure, it is time to create a Product Configuration Model. This is going to contain all of the rules and definitions that you will use to tell Dynamics AX how to build your new product BOM’s.

NOTE: This is part of the Building Dynamic Products with the Product Configurator blueprint series where we show how to configure product configuration models within Dynamics AX, and use them to create dynamics BOM’s and Routes based on the configurations. If you want to see all of the other posts in this series, click here.

How to do it…

To create a new product configuration model, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Product configuration models form from the Common group within the Product information management area page.
  2. To create a new model, click on the Product configuration model button in the New group of the Model ribbon bar.
  3. Give your new configuration model a Name, Description, and also specify a new Name for the Root component.
  4. When the Product configuration model has been created, we need to link it to our product so that it will know to use it. To do this, click on the Versions button in the Product model details group of the Models ribbon bar.
  5. Create a new version by clicking on the New menu button.
  6. Specify the Product number that you want to associate with this configuration and enter a From date and To date for the model.

    Tip: by default the model to and from dates will default in as today. In the To date field type in 12/32/2154 which is the AX date that equals Never.

  7. Once you have created the version, click on the Approve button in the menu bar.
  8. When the Approval dialog box appears, select the Approved By user and click on the OK button.
  9. Finally, click on the Activate menu button in the menu bar to allow the configuration version to be used.

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