Creating Service Objects

The Service Management area allows you to track what the Service Orders and Service Agreements are related to through what a called Service Objects. A Service Object could be something that is tracked as in inventoried item, or it could just be a reference to something that is being serviced.

NOTE: This is part of the Configuring Service Management to track Service Orders blueprint series where we show how to configure Service Management to track service order details. If you want to see all of the other posts in this series, click here.

How to do it…

To define a Service Object, follow these steps:

  1. From the Service management area page, select the Service objects menu item from within the Service objects folder of the Setup group.
  2. When the Service objects maintenance form is displayed, click on the New button in the menu bar to create a new record.
  3. All you need to specify for the Service Object is the Description and the Service object group.
  4. When you have defined all of your Service Objects click on the Close button to exit the form.

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