Assigning Workers to a Retail Position

The final step in setting up a Worker to allow them to use the Retail functions is to assign them to a Retail Position. This will assign them all of the correct rights so that they are able to access the POS Registers, and also dictate what transactions they are able to perform.

NOTE: This is part of the Setting Up A Retail Store With POS blueprint series where we show how to configure the retail module within Dynamics AX, and then deploy out the Point Of Sale registers for capturing sales. If you want to see all of the other posts in this series, click here.

How to do it…

To assign a worker to a retail position, follow these steps:

  1. Workers are assigned Positions through the Works maintenance form. To access the Worker details, open up the Workers menu item from the Workers folder of the Common group on the Human resources Area page.
  2. Select the Worker record that you want to assign your Retail Position to.
  3. From the Position Assignment group on the Worker ribbon bar, select the Add Assignment button.
  4. When the Create a position assignment dialog shows up you can select any of the open positions and assign it to your user. In this example we will make the user a Store Manager.
  5. To finish the assignment of the Position just click on the Create position assignment button.

How It Works…

To check that the user has been assigned to your Retail Position, go to the Retail ribbon bar and click on the POS permissions button within the Set up group.

You should see the POS position details. This is also where you can override the default privileges associated with the position on a worker by worker basis.


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